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  • 05/15/18--09:58: HCM Trophy Tour
  • Storified by HawksworthCom · Tue, May 15 2018 16:58:24

    Dropped the Half Corked Marathon Canadian Event of Year Trophy off at @blueskywinery for its next stop on its trophy tour. Stop by and say hi. They are still open during the road construction. . . . #bcwine #trophytour #halfcorkedmarathon #uncorkthesun #canadianeventoftheyear2017 #oliverbc #osoyoos · road13vineyards
    So excited that it's our turn to show off this beautiful trophy. @uncorkthesun was awarded this trophy as the 2017 Canadian Event of the Year from @tiac_aitc. Just how big of deal is this? In 2016 the FIFA Women's World Cup in Vancouver was the winner. . . . . #bcwine #uncorkthesun #oliverbc #osoyoosbc #trophy #canadatourism #canadianeventoftheyear2017 #halfcorkedmarathon #proud #oliverosoyooswinecountry #okanagan #winecountry · road13vineyards
    We have the #hcmtrophy here at Intersection Winery! It was hanging out in the Vinstitute while @melissa.smits.14 hosted a tasting for local wine makers. @uncorkthesun we are very excited to have the trophy here at #goxwine #hcmtrophytour · goxwine
    We are ready to party! The trophy will be coming to Pig Out with us tomorrow. Both @melissa.smits.14 and Moss will be there pouring wine and enjoying the festivities. If your at the event come say hello and take a photo with the trophy. @uncorkthesun #hcmtrophytour #cincodemayo #pigout · goxwine
    @uncorkthesun we are really enjoying having the trophy here at Intersection Winery. Come stop by and see it in person. #hcmtrophytour #uncorkthesun #oliverosoyooswinecountry · goxwine
    Two great achievements side-by-side. A national win for our region's signature event, and a big pile of cement and rocks that mean we won't flood this year. @uncorkthesun #uncorkthesun · goxwine
    This beauty of a trophy is in recognition of the #halfcorkedmarathon and it's award as 🇨🇦 Canada's Event of the Year! Watch for it for the next few days at @goxwine Intersection Winery #uncorkthesun #hcmtrophytour @uncorkthesun · olivertwistwinery
    The Half Corked Marathon WON the Canadian Tourism Association's Event of the Year award, and the trophy is doing the tour with each winery team member (a la Stanley Cup). Today Bartier Bros. Vineyard & Winery will show it in some uniquely South Okanagan positions, like . . . with Black Sage Terroir. #HCMTrophyTour #UncorkTheSun @uncorkthesun @maverick.winery @adegaon45th @blackhillswine @blueskywinery @bordertownwine @burrowingowlwinery C.c. Jentsch Cellars Cana Vines Winery @castorodeoro @churchandstatewines @covertfarms @culminawinery @deserthillsestatewinery Fairview Cellars @gbwines @goldhillwinery @hester_creek Hidden Chapel Winery @inniskillinwines Intersection Winery @jacksontriggs @kismetwines @larianacellars Montakarn Estate Winery @mooncurservineyards @nkmipcellars @olivertwistwinery @pipedreamsvino Platinum Bench Winery @quintaferreira @drinkriverstone River Stone Estate Winery Road 13 Vineyards Rust @stoneboatvineyards @tinhorncreek @vinamitecellars @young_wyse · bartierbros
    The #HCMTrophy is being delivered to @bartierbros tomorrow. We know they will take excellent care of it! . . . . @uncorkthesun #HCMTrophyTour #uncorkthesun #hcm #eventoftheyear #bcwinemonth #riverstoneestatewinery #oliverbc #winecapitalofcanada #explorebcwine #bcwine #winetravel #explorebc #oliverosoyooswineries #okanaganwines #okanaganlifestyle #okanaganwineadventure #winetasting #okanagan #canadianwine #bcvqa #savourthisplace #winelovers #mcintyrebluff #okanaganriver #riverstone #oliver #wine #winery #riverrockvineyard · drinkriverstone

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  • 05/15/18--10:02: Slips and Falls Legal Guide
  • Storified by pixelmaster · Tue, May 15 2018 17:02:42

    Have you ever had that unfortunate fall while walking to your car, up a flight of steps, or on an icy parking lot? It happens all the time to various people around the world, and sometimes it creates some sort of personal injury. This results in medical bills, medicines, and just more money out of your pocket then you wanted when the day had begun.

    Here are a few factors courts consider when assessing such a claim. The law is a fairly complex entity that varies from state to state, so while this article discusses generalities, please consult with a lawyer about the specifics of your case.

    One of the primary considerations to determine who is responsible is the duty. For instance, is Wal Mart expected to be responsible if you fall in their parking lot? It s a complex question, but one with many considerations.

    Take, for instance, someone slipping on a patch of ice in an apartment complex. If the fall happened in a parking lot, it might be argued that the apartment complex did not have a reasonable duty to keep its parking lot clear of ice, particularly in cold climates.

    If the fall happened instead on a flight of stairs, however, the apartment's duty to keep those stairs clear is much greater. Falls on sidewalks are treated similarly, though the responsibility is usually the city's. The major difference between the first situation and the latter two is that a parking lot is a large area which cannot be expected to be free of ice, while the latter are smaller areas on which pedestrians have the reasonable expectation of walking safely.

    Some questions of duty are more clear cut. For falls involving spills, poor lighting, etc. it is usually obvious that the cause is negligence on the part of a property owner or an employee of same. In order to be legally liable for your slip and fall, at least one of these conditions should be true.

    The condition responsible for the fall must have been caused by an establishment's owner or one of its employees. The owner or employees knew about the cause but did nothing to fix it.

    In some circumstances, it can be argued that the owner or employees 'should' have known about the cause had they taken reasonable care of the property. This is usually determined via common sense, and by determining if the owner has made reasonable prior maintenance efforts. As you can see, determining liability is a tricky business. Here are a few practical questions to help ascertain if you have a valid claim.

    Could the problem been addressed long before the accident occurred? If the cause was an object, was there a good reason for the object to be located there? Could it have been realistically located elsewhere and not cause injury?

    Could a warning sign or barrier kept you from getting hurt? It is also possible that your own negligence may have contributed more than did the property owner's. Here are a few questions to help determine this.
    Were you distracted at the time of your fall?

    Could you have honestly avoided the issue if you were paying closer attention? Did you have a good reason for being at the location of the fall?
    For more information on personal injury issues visit President supermarket slip and fall lawyer

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  • 05/15/18--10:41: The Secret Life of Pets
  • Funny & Amazing Posts about Pets and other Animals

    Storified by Putu Ebo · Tue, May 15 2018 17:46:56

    Puppy love 🐶 Photo by · Earth Pics
    We are the ghosts of Christmas past · I Love My Dog
    This is so cute 😍 · Pups Planet 🐶
    Is it too late to apologize? · SpeakComedy
    This huge dog thinks he's still a puppy — and loves to jump into his mom's lap! · The Dodo
    Ramainya kawan dia 😍 · Bulu Bulu Kehidupan
    My howl will go on 🎶 · SpeakComedy
    Someone get this pupper a sausage wrap · SpeakComedy
    “I just wanna pet you” OMG · Sarcasm
    warning: graphic footage of a vicious fight · Broken Animals
    Majestic floof · SpeakComedy
    Found a perfect place to rest / Photo by @blackwolfblackpanther · Earth Pics
    I hate the internet lmao · Puppies 🐶
    Magical treat 🌙 · SpeakComedy
    Floof vs lemon🍋 · SpeakComedy
    He's so excited for the ball 🏀 · Pups Planet 🐶
    I tripped over 5 times watching this · SpeakComedy
    No description. Just watch this video until it's done..! Silahkan dikomentari dan di ReTwet video ini · Chajan.Jr #Projo
    True Love / Photo by · Earth Pics
    look how shook the dog was 😂 · B*tch Problems💁🏼‍♀️

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    Easy to get the loan cash on the car title

    Storified by miltonferrara83 · Tue, May 15 2018 17:55:30

    In these days, you can find different types of loan that help you to fulfill you cash needs but they takesome time for the inspection. The fast and convenient process to get the cash is the car title loan. The biggest benefit of car title loan is the speed art which they allow you to obtain money. In the market, you can find different types of companies who provide the car title loan on different rates.

    The services provided by the car title loan companies?

    · Provide more money against your car title

    Due to the tough competition in the market, companies want that they get more customers and for this company provide the different amount on your car title. You should make agreement with the company which provides you the maximum money to fulfill your immediate needs.

    · Lowerinterest rate

    The rate of interest on loan is varying on the company and the type of your vehicle. It is best to deal with the company which provides the loan on the lower rates.

    · Fund you the same day

    It does not take too much time and you can get the cash of loan immediately on the same time. Once you fill the form and it is approved you can get the cash on the same day.

    · Norepayment penalties

    The car title loan companies do not charge any penalty for the repayment of the money. You are able to use your vehicle after the loan processing is done.

    Title loan are also provided on different types of vehicles such as truck, motorbike and auto. The reason is that the thing should have title to get the loan. If you want the best car title loan company that can provide you the highest loan amount on your car title then Car Title Loans Orange County is the company that can help you.

    How to get the loan on the car title?

    To get the loan on car title you should have to fulfill an application form where all the details of the loan is provided and the time of the repayment of the money is also fixed and mentioned in it. In these days many companies work on online website where you can fill the form online or make an appointment with the professional of the company to get the hassle free loan. Car title loan is the most convenient way to get the cash for fulfills the immediate expenditure.

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  • 05/16/18--01:22: Sick sheep
  • Storified by Jason Deakin · Wed, May 16 2018 08:35:14

    You are called up by a concerned vet regarding the sheep in the photo below. It turns out that this is the 10th case out of 200 ewes. And the farmer would like some help. The time of year is March. Where would you start with the questioning?#vetfinals · Vet Finals
    The ewes have been getting ill over the last few days since being housed.

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  • 05/16/18--01:23: Cardiology pub quiz!
  • Storified by Jason Deakin · Wed, May 16 2018 08:27:02

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    Videosingle + gira 2017

    Storified by ernieproduccion · Wed, May 16 2018 08:23:11

    Nochevieja a Cachitos. El casting - Parte 1 · rtve

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    People have aperception that prostitutes are for looser.....

    Storified by Priyanka Singhania · Wed, May 16 2018 08:23:39

    People have aperception that prostitutes are for looser..... Error please excuses my French.Did I say prostitute. No, I did not. I Said escort. Let me correct my French.People have a perception that Delhi escorts services are for looser.
    Get Housewife Escorts call girl in Delhi for your exotic experience, you are coming near heaven after meeting these wonderful new married housewives for fun. #DelhiEscort #DelhiEscorts #DelhiCallgirl #DelhiEscortservice #HousewifeEscort · #DelhiEscorts
    Hi Friend I created a very #sizzling and #passionate blog on word press with my Delhi Escort service experiences with all latest and updated erotic pics and much more so you can visit - and now more about me. #DelhiEscort #DelhiEscorts · Classy Kajol
    I update my New Press Release about how Delhi Escorts be best part for One Night Stand and romance in your life so read this full PR here visit - #DelhiEscort #DelhiEscorts #DelhiEscortPR #DelhiEscortsPressRelease · #DelhiEscorts

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  • 05/16/18--01:24: The Critical Colic Case
  • With Sarah Freeman

    Storified by Jason Deakin · Wed, May 16 2018 08:36:59

    However just remember!
    Now onto the horse.
    Is there anything from this initial history that can help you decide whether this is a likely to be a more severe / critical case? what about this case? #vetfinals · Vet Finals
    Self trauma is an indicator of high severity!
    Now what are the two most important pieces of information before your visit?
    Crucial but easy things to forget in a panic!

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  • 05/16/18--01:31: Hack4Congress Washington DC
  • Over View

    Storified by Judith Mayer · Wed, May 16 2018 08:33:47

    There's a #Hack4Congress metaphor in there somewhere PIC: · TheOpenGovFoundation
    Looking forward to hearing these pitches! #Hack4Congress @OpenGov @HarvardAsh · Millennial Action
    We've got a full house for this morning's #Hack4Congress final demos on Capitol Hill! · TheOpenGovFoundation
    #Hack4Congress winners shared their "hacks" connecting #politics and #tech. Fantastic to hear #innovative ideas! · Susan W. Brooks


    At the #hack4congress finale event watching teams present their ideas to Congress · Frank La Vigne
    Team CDash: Strangers from 3 diff countries met for 1st time at San Francisco #Hack4Congress in March! · Millennial Action
    .@kwing and team CDash from #Hack4Congress SF now presenting their district dashboard · TheOpenGovFoundation
    On Capitol Hill @kwing explains CDash a curated dashboard of datasets by topic for Members and staff #hack4congress · lorelei kelly

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  • 05/16/18--01:32: Today in BD Class (01/03/17)
  • Storified by BD Class · Wed, May 16 2018 08:32:48

    We are learning to count to 100 with #LegoBatman · BD Class
    We have been getting creative with our building and construction. · BD Class

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    Storified by suitusa · Wed, May 16 2018 08:47:01

    Many men like and love wearing cream linen suit. They are energetic and comfortable suits to give an ideal fit for your fascinating appearance. For morning parties, light color attires are the great selection for men to make.

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    Storified by irobotpahang · Wed, May 16 2018 08:50:34

    While your flooring are getting vacuumed, would not it be wonderful to take a seat watching your favorite show? Our flooring clean, knowing we will have to do it again, every day. You won't need to worry about the daily job of vacuuming when you purchase an iRobot Roomba 890. The Roomba 890 fits under or around furniture and works on all types of floor surfaces. You will find onboard. The HEPA filters trap dust and the allergens in your home, leaving healthy air to breathe. There are no cords to trip over or plug in, the extractors prevent clogs from debris and it's so quiet you won't even know it is cleaning. The cleaning process is intended to provide 50% more vacuuming power. The Roomba 890 is your little cleaning system.

    Characteristics of The iRobot Roomba 890

    The Roomba 890 is outfitted with all the Multi-Room Navigation that was iAdapt. This system utilizes a full variety of detectors that allow this vac to move throughout your home, even adapting to changes within a room. That means you can move your furniture without mistaking your small robot vac. You can schedule the Roomba 890 to wash at times. You can pre-set the Roomba 890 vacuuming robot every day to wash, sometimes that work best for the iRobot and the schedule HOME App lets you clean and schedule handily. It is even compatible on apparatus with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. On top of that, you get 5 times more electricity together with the AeroForce Cleaning System, ensuring that all the dust bunnies will be got by this wonder. And unlike this vac has extractors to stop clogs or tangles out of hair and all the debris it sucks up.

    It also has a HEPA style filter which can get allergens as small as 0.3 micron which means that you are aware that the atmosphere in your house will be cleaner and healthier. The Roomba 890 recharge and will automatically dock so that it is prepared to vacuum. The iRobot Roomba 890 is practically effortless, you simply push a button and presto! It's vacuuming. This is a technological miracle which makes cleanup easy the inexpensive purchase price is the work.

    Disadvantages of this Roomba 890
    So many people love the Roomba 890 which it is difficult to discover many complaints. The flexibility of this dynamo has made people love it so much, that they title their own Roomba 890's. Some individuals have cats who like to ride this little vac so it entertains as it rains. This vac cleans the dirt and dirt from all surfaces, nevertheless some men and women who have carpets have stated that it doesn't do quite as good of a job. And, while the navigation systems work great, there have been a few instances where folks prefer it to wash line by line instead of the arbitrary cleaning path.

    Another clear downside is that you'll still have to clean your furniture with a regular vacuum, as the Roomba 890 doesn't do crevices (most of the other robot vacuums dont do too). The largest drawback to this Roomba 890 is that it's more costly than most uprights the convenience of having a machine which will do your vacuuming for you is really worth the price.

    Let's focus on what it CAN DO rather than what it can't do.

    The Client Speaks
    There are so many happy people who have purchased the Roomba 890. 72% of reviewers gave this product a 5 star score. That is really impressive. A woman who suffers from a severe dust mite allergy comes with a costly vacuum for her home and purchased a Roomba 890 for her vacation home. She believed this would be a good method to keep down the dust as it had been empty for the majority of the year. She had been amazed by how much her allergies were when they visited their vacation home. So much so, that she made a decision to purchase a second one for their principle home. Another girl wrote that she had been amazed from the dirt her Roomba 890 picked up, the dirt her vacuum left behind. She loves the fact that while she is walking her dog, working, or playing with her children the Roomba 890 is doing the vacuuming. A customer with two cats in a apartment purchased the Roomba 890 after being drained of the battle against cat hair.

    IRobot Roomba 890 Review

    After she first ran it, it immediately signaled "full bin" so she knew that her old vacuum was missing quite a lot of debris. Now every day, she has it set to run and only must empty it every couple of days. She is happy with the quietness of the vac, writing if it is in the room, as soon as it's round the corner, 37, that although you may hear it. Pet owners like watching their cats and dogs interact with this small man too. One glued the top and astroturf together so it could be ridden around on by his catuntil it went under a couch. The Roomba 890 is more costly however, for people who have purchased one, they have said that it's well worth the price. To be able to appreciate more time doing the things you love, yet still have a house that is clean, purchasing a Roomba 890 is one.


    There are lots of reasons to acquire an iRobot Roomba 890. The one is the ease of vacuuming your flooring without physically vacuuming your flooring. The neat part of this little machine going throughout your home, cleaning the dust bunnies under your furniture is reminiscent of "The Jettsons". It delivers more than only a novelty act. The Roomba 890 provides. It sucks up grime and pet hair, dander, dust, allergens that other vacuums leave behind. You're ready to schedule it to operate when you are sleeping (it is quiet enough not to wake you up), at work, outdoors enjoying the day or just lazing around. You can put it to clean one or several rooms, daily or several times each week. You will be around astounded by the ease of having this vac. Individuals who have purchased the Roomba 890 have fallen in love with the cleaning system. Quit your vacuum grind that is daily, buy a Roomba 890 at its price and begin enjoying more of your lifetime.
    AutoVac Bot
    Hombots Sdn Bhd
    D-2-3 , Encorp Garden Office , Jalan PJU 5/1,
    Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

    Office: +603-7496 1656
    Mobile: +6019 625 2288

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  • 05/16/18--02:10: Falla YouTube y Gmail
  • Storified by Xavi · Wed, May 16 2018 09:10:25

    #Actualidad Usuarios reportan fallas para ingresar a YouTube y Gmail Las plataformas presentan intermitencias en el servicio. · ADN Bucaramanga

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  • 05/16/18--05:27: Posts
  • Storified by teganb · Wed, May 16 2018 12:29:26

    Statistics Canada - Infographics

    Physical activity of Canadian children and youth

    Created an infographic to highlight findings from the Canadian Health Measures Survey.
    Check out our new #infographic on #PhysicalActivity of Canadian children & youth. · Statistics Canada
    Check out our new #infographic on #PhysicalActivity of Canadian children & youth. · Statistics Canada
    Are your children getting the recommended 60 minutes of #PhysicalActivity per day? · Statistics Canada
    Are your children getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day? Find out how you measure up to the rest of Canada: · Statistics Canada
    #DYK? Boys tend to be more physically #active than girls. · Statistics Canada
    #DidYouKnow? Boys tend to be more physically active than girls. Have additional questions on this topic? Come chat with us October 23 at 1:00 p.m. ET. · Statistics Canada
    #DYK? Canadian children aged 6 - 11 tend to be more #active than 12-17 year-olds · Statistics Canada
    #DidYouKnow? Canadian children aged 6-11 tend to be more active than 12-17 year-olds. Questions on our latest #Health Report data? Come chat with us tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. ET. · Statistics Canada
    Discover the factors that increase #PhysicalActivity in kids: #health · Statistics Canada
    Discover the factors that increase #PhysicalActivity in kids: #health · Statistics Canada

    Montréal, 375 years: Celebrate our History

    Created an infographic to mark Montréal's 375th anniversary and social media content promoting the infographic.C
    2017 marks the 375th anniversary of #Montréal! See how the city has evolved since 1642! #375MTL #ByTheNumbers · Statistics Canada
    Congratulations #Montréal on 375 years! This year marks the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montreal (once called Ville-Marie). See how the city has evolved since 1642! #375MTL #ByTheNumbers · Statistics Canada
    #OTD in 1976: the #Montréal #Olympics began. See how the city has evolved: #375Mtl · Statistics Canada

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    Storified by Sanskriti Dhingra · Wed, May 16 2018 12:32:39

    Social Media Report 16-5-2018

    On Karnataka Govt Formation :
    Times Now : Big twist in #KarnatakaCMRace
    Sources: BJP offers JD(S) CM Post, BJP ready to give CM post to JD(S)

    Voices of dissent in Congress ranks: MLAs slam Siddaramiah over ticket distribution, ‘Siddaramaiah acted unilaterally’ charge, Cong stares at split over power tussle #KarnatakaCMRace
    People mentioning conduct of Earlier Governors :
    Ram Madhav ji Shared Suresh Nakhua’s Tweets on his Facebook
    Reactions from people against Coalition govt of Congress - JDS :
    As I remember the then Hon'ble Presidents of India in 1989 & 1996 called Single Largest Party to form the Govt & only after the refusal or defeated on the floor the post poll alliance is called for Govt formation @narendramodi @AmitShah · SS Ahluwalia
    Karnataka governor duty bound to invite post-poll partners with majority: Experts | @gaurav5173 reports · The Wire

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    Le 9 mars 2016, nous répondions à vos questions sur les allocations de recherche du CNES

    Storified by CNES · Wed, May 16 2018 12:40:47

    Vous voulez faire une thèse, un postdoc avec nous ? Posez vos questions avec #askCNES, nous y répondons demain ! · CNES

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    Storified by AVTProductions · Wed, May 16 2018 12:40:30

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    Le 26 novembre 1965, la première fusée Diamant s’élançait du Sahara algérien pour mettre le satellite A1/Astérix sur orbite. Quelques minutes plus tard, la France devenait la 3e puissance spatiale au monde…

    Storified by CNES · Wed, May 16 2018 12:41:30

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  • 05/16/18--05:41: #askCNES Rosetta : Le futur
  • Le 13 août 2015, nos experts répondaient, en direct, à vos questions. Étaient présents Francis Rocard (FR), responsable des programmes d'exploration du Système solaire, Philippe Gaudon (PG), chef de projet Rosetta, et Aurélie Moussi-Sophis (AM), responsable des opérations scientifiques en vol.

    Storified by CNES · Wed, May 16 2018 12:41:59

    Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin… Que va devenir Rosetta ? Et qu'a-t-on prévu pour lui succéder ?

    La fin de Rosetta

    Rosetta ne peut pas rester éternellement en orbite autour de sa comète

    Fin 2016, ce sera la fin de la mission Rosetta

    Rosetta pourrait se poser sur la comète

    Un atterrissage à haut risque

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