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    Examining COPPA's effectiveness in the quickly evolving online landscape.

    Storified by Colin Gambaro · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:28:09

    What is COPPA?:

    The full text of COPPA can be found below.

    According to, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) protects the privacy of children under the age of 13 by requesting parental consent for the collection or use of any personal information of the users. 

    The act applies to websites and online services that target children.  Under COPPA, these websites are required to adhere to several requirements.  Sites must describe what is being collected from its users and disclose it to parents, verify parental consent for users under the age of 13 and grant parental rights to revoke consent and delete information.  Additionally, according to, there is an overarching requirement that all websites protect the “confidentiality, security, and integrity of any personal information that is collected online from children. 

    COPPA is an example of an administrative law.  According to Cornell University Law School's Legal Information Institute, administrative laws refer to the branch of law regarding the creation and operation of administrative agencies and the powers granted to such agencies. 
    Some examples of administrative agencies include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).   

    After COPPA was passed by Congress in 1998, the onus of its implementation and maintenance fell under the auspices of the FTC. According to the FTC's website, one of the commission's three strategic goals is to protect consumers.  Specifically highlighted within the description of that goal is to "prevent fraud, deception and, unfair business practices in the marketplace."  As will be discussed in greater detail later, part of the reasoning behind passing COPPA was to protect children from targeted marketing practices of corporations.  This is a clear example of an "unfair business practice," which helps explain why the FTC is charged with enforcing COPPA and why they take it so seriously.   More information about the FTC, including their mission statement, vision, strategic goals and authority can be found below. 
    How to comply with COPPA:
    The FTC offers up specific guidelines on how websites can become COPPA compliant on their website (found below).  As the link below shows, there are a lot of hoops that websites have to jump through in order to become COPPA compliant.  Among the requirements to become COPPA compliant, websites must have a privacy notice, which states the measures it took to become COPPA compliant.  Additionally, a link to the privacy notice clearly visible on the homepage of their website. Besides this, there are several other steps a website must take to become COPPA compliant, all of which can be found in the link below.

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  • 06/29/12--12:27: Blue Jeans #onmute Stories
  • Storified by Elizabeth Smithson · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:27:09

    General On Mute Comments

    This morning Jason was on a work conference call at home and Evan walked in and said (very loudly), "My underwear smells like garlic power ". Luckily his phone was on mute so the VP didn't hear that! I really think he will be a stand up comedian some day. LOL!

    I broke up a dog fight in front of my house on mute, while my boss was listing off all the things he wanted me to do. When I got back in the house with my beat-down dog he was done talking. I un-muted and said, "ok, sounds good". He never knew.

    Social Media Replies!

    @NEAVC thanks for the RT! Our #SF #onmute billboard is up too! · Blue Jeans Network
    RT @erindenlea: Congrats Blue Jeans Network on launching an awesome #onmute campaign. · VijayRamani
    During a conference call w/ a team member in AUS, he was making breakfast and I was making dinner #OnMute: · Isaac Wyatt

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    Hector Del Castillo, Product Marketing Director at the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM), PMP, CPM, CPMM leads webinar on June 27, 2012

    Storified by Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:28:05

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    Du jeudi 28 juin au dimanche 1 juillet, de 20h à minuit, Pure Fm vous fait vivre le festival Rock Werchter 2012 ! Suivez les tweets de vos artistes préférés en direct, vos meilleurs tweets seront diffusés, nos photos de concerts ainsi que nos vidéos en studio !

    Storified by Pure FM · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:28:05

    Les photos du concert de Deus
    Pure Fm : You Got A Message From Deus · purefmfestival
    Tom et Pure Fm, une histoire de potes :-)
    Ils sont trop cools les Birdy Nam Nam
    AZARI & III en interview sur Pure Fm et ci-dessous les photos du live !
    Deus sur la Main Stage
    #deus #rw12 #allareas @ Rock Werchter - Main Stage · Christophe Brysse
    Toi aussi joue à Guitar Hero avec Jack
    "Dans la valléééée de Lana, la di la la"
    Lana. #rw12 #humo · Kristoff Tilkin
    You-ouuuu !

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  • 06/29/12--12:28: Prayer In Public School
  • by KT Heins and Caitlin Lukin

    Storified by Group 1 - CommLaw · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:28:09

    The reemergence of the prayer in public schools debate is not one that is surprising, but routine. Since the idea of prayer in the state institution was labeled as "School Prayer," it has been a subject of debate among the american people; as a right fundamentally supported by the First Amendment or a notion that the First Amendment should and has prohibited. School prayer before the 1960s remained relatively unchallenged, but with the increasing population and diversification of America increasing in the 1900s the challenge against prayer in schools was a natural progression, one that continues to recirculate.  
    In order to gather a more detailed understanding of the Prayer in Public Schools Debate, we must trace the history of Religion in Public Schools throughout the United States. 

    The Origin of the Debate

    From 1962 to present day
    As specified in the article below, The First Amendment "prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech...." While this statement may seem specific and established (the very first statement of the Amendment being The Establishment Clause), it can be interpreted in a number of ways. These different interpretations have clashed in past Supreme Court rulings since "organized" prayer was "eliminated" from public school systems in 1962.
    The 1962 court case, Engel v. Vitale, (the 50th anniversary passed on the 25th of this month) did not actually eliminate the right to prayer on school grounds. The case ruled that principals in a particular school district of New York, could not demand that faculty instruct the children to repeat a specific prayer before class or in the time allotted for education. Justice Black's decision eliminated "state-sanctioned" or organized prayer from school. This means that while an individual student has the right to pray on school grounds, or pray at school, said prayer cannot be lead or organized by an individual who works for the state, such as a teacher or faculty member. 

    This creates a large gray area of interpretation for citizens of the United States. Although a school official may not be able to organize prayer, can a student form a prayer group or can a prayer be allowed at a graduation if the student body demands it? While the student is technically a member of a public organization, they do not work for the state, rather they are served by the state.  
    Similarly, in 1963, Abington v. Schempp ruled faculty-organized and sponsored school prayer unconstitutional, as well as any sort of teaching of the Bible or school activity that might include the work of God. If a religious organization was to form for the students, it would have be organized by the students and not associated with the school in anyway. Often times, this creates some sort of friction between the student population that wishes to worship on school grounds and the staff of the institution who needs to remain separate from the worship.

    It was only in 1971 (Lemon v. Kurtzman) that a test was introduced in order to examine as to what qualifies as a school-operated religious event. While the test implies that whatever worship being held must have an isolated, individual purpose and must be neither supportive of or discouraging of a religion, the worship practice or prayer must ultimately not mix state/government with religion in any way. 

    These landmark cases are the foundational cases, which set the standard of the 'no prayer in school' policies. Other cases detail whether prayer can be said at graduation ceremonies or whether individual prayer should be restricted. These instances in which the debate recirculates into court, help define where and how prayer should be allowed.

    Religion Interrupted; 

    Why School Prayer Should Be Allowed in Public Schools

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  • 06/29/12--12:28: #SUDANREVOLTS
  • Follow the ongoing protests in Sudan.

    Storified by SGN · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:28:52

    RT @khalidalbaih: “@zuhair450: دييل اهلي .." بحري" .. اليوم "جمعة لحس الكوع" .. #السودان_ينتفض” Bahri -today #SudanRevolts · الربيع السوداني
    RT @BSonblast: RT @Muniness Tear gas victim in wadnubawi #SudanRevolts thru friend on the ground · Issraa El-Kogali
    RT @TamirOmara: #SudanRevolts now on Trends Map | · Mustafa Bashir
    RT @ElKogali: #ElbowLickingFriday #SudanRevolts support from Sweden · GobezMedia

    @AJEnglish: What are the #SudanRevolts, how did they start, are they turning into a popular uprising? |

    RT @ElKogali: #SudanRevolts priceless poster of #BashirWanted from Sudanese in Sweden #ElbowLickingFriday June 29 2012 · Tamara
    RT @Muniness: Wadnubawi tear gas #SudanRevolts via friend on the ground · Ghareeb Saeed
    Man shot in his foot in wadnubawi #SudanRevolts via friend on the ground · Muniness
    RT @bukra_ahlaa: keep your headup you are Sudani ,FREEDOM,JUSTICeshambat-Bahri 29/5/2012 photo by:Mahdi Omer #sudanrevolts · Oh-Some!
    RT @MenaElanssary: #SUDANREVOLTS #Shambat: young boys locking the street despite the tear gas bomb near on there left #السودان_ينتفض · Mustafa Bashir
    Earlier in wadnubawi SudanRevolts via friend · Muniness
    Wadnubawi earlier #SudanRevolts via friend · Muniness
    Medical report of a guy shot with live ammo in wadnubawi #SudanRevolts via a friend who was there · Muniness
    RT @AbooodTJ: صورة من مظاهرات الديم شارع الصحافة زلط تظهر ثبات الثوار ! #ElbowLikingFriday #SudanRevolts #السودان_ينتفض · Ghareeb Saeed
    RT @Dr_Eyad: لحسنا الكوع او مافي رجوع #السودان_ينتفض #sudanrevolts · من شذاذ الآفاق .. !!
    RT @ElKogali: Sweden shows support #SudanRevolts #ElbowLickingFriday · Ghareeb Saeed
    RT @bukra_ahlaa: the brave young man 29/6/2012 shamabt -Bahri photo taken by:Mahdi Omer #sudanrevolts /@INFOS_EN #Sudan · SUDAN__REVOLTS
    Pozdrav za Južni Sudan · Petar Živković
    RT @JenaanaBanaana: @NimaCNN they throw gas cylinder on my house cause my sister was taking picture #SudanRevolts · Mohamed Sameer
    RT @Dr_Eyad: ود الخاله العزيزه من السويد .. لازم نشد حيلنا شويه يا شباب#السودان_ينتفض #sudanrevolts · Jaafar Nugud

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  • 06/29/12--12:29: Transito em São Paulo
  • Storified by · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:29:25

    16h28 - A zona sul é a que tem mais congestionamentos, com 19 km

    16h26 - No momento, há 58 km de lentidão na cidade
    16h25 - Boa tarde! Acompanhe no Terra a partir de agora a cobertura das condições do trânsito na cidade de São Paulo nesta sexta-feira, 29 de junho
    19h47 - Encerramos a cobertura do trânsito na cidade de São Paulo na noite desta sexta-feira, 22 de junho. Boa noite a todos!
    19h46 - CET registra 102 km de lentidão na capital paulista neste momento
    19h40 - CET registra 109 km de lentidão em SP. Tendência é de queda
    19h27 - Neste momento, são 119 km de lentidão nas vias monitoradas pela CET. A tendência é de queda

    Bendito transito da Raposo Tavares!!! Quero minha casa!!!

    19h17 - CET registra 125 km de congestionamentos na capital paulista. São 44 km na zona sul, 32 km na zona oeste, 24 km no centro, 18 km na zona leste e 7 km na zona norte
    19h14 - São Paulo tem 131 km de lentidão neste momento
    STOP #signal #semaphore #traffic #transito #moto #sinal #semaforo #city #streets #instagood #instamood #sky #clouds #igers #igerssantos · Daniel Garcia
    19h06 - CET registra 140 km de congestionamentos nas vias da cidade de SP. São 58 km somente na zona sul

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  • 06/29/12--12:29: Al Pacino at Chrysler Hall
  • Al Pacino's visit to Chrysler Hall was part of the Virginia Arts Festival. Pacino spoke about his career to those in attendance.

    Storified by HamptonRoads · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:30:19

    Al Pacino onstage at Chrysler Hall. Y'all Pacino fans are gonna wanna see my blog tomorrow. ;)

    Today's Pacino Cocktail: Cuba Libre. Scarface"I always tell the truth. Even when I lie." #AlPacinoProject #enjoybite · Bite Restaurant

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    Storified by Mohamed Elba · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:30:29

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    A closer look at the regulations towards outdoor advertising from state to state. By TAYLOR DAVIS and ALYSSA WOLLARD

    Storified by · Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:30:42

           Outdoor advertising has been a tactic used by companies across the country as a way to reach their target consumers for several decades. However, in the past few years there have been many differing opinions as to whether or not outdoor advertising has gotten out of hand, be it offensive language or crude humor used in the ads, or even the amount of billboards in general that are out there cluttering our road ways. Companies continue to come up with new ad campaigns everyday while our government simultaneously tries to regulate the industry. This storify campaign will hopefully give you a better insight of the industry as a whole and the regulations surrounding it. It also will take a look at the First Amendment issues that have began to come about as advertising companies come up with more and more opportunities to promote their products. We hope it will bring awareness as to how ever present and in-your-face the advertising industry is today.
    Outdoor Advertising is regulated on a Federal level as well as monitored on a state level. The first attempt by our government to control outdoor advertising was the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1958. Among other things, this was their attempt to control signs adjacent to highways stating that they had control of signs within 660 feet of the Interstate. The Act only allowed certain signs to be hung including directional and official signs, on-premise signs, signs within 12 air miles of the advertised activity, and signs in the specific interest of the traveling public, i.e. historic sites, natural phenomena, naturally suited for outdoor recreation, and places for camping, lodging, eating and vehicle and service repair.

           On October 22, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Highway Beautification Act. This Act sets forth the basic program objectives stating, “The erection and maintenance of outdoor advertising signs, displays, and devices in areas adjacent to the Interstate System and the primary system should be controlled in order to protect the public investment in such highways, to promote the safety and recreational value of public travel, and to preserve natural beauty.” This Act was just a step forward from the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1958 that focused more on the outward impression left by these billboards, signs and other distractions along our interstates.

           Jump forward many years and several Federal-Aid Highway Acts later to 1991, when President Bush signed the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act into law. This Act had a large impact on our roadway’s appearance, establishing a “new vision for surface transportation in America.” Some of the highlights of this Act was the requirement for removal of illegal signs, the prohibition of new signs on designated scenic byways, and included several provisions concerning the control of outdoor advertising. The law stated that states could now used their regularly apportioned highway funds for removal of any lawfully erected nonconforming outdoor advertising sign, display, or device. These controls were applied to the Interstate System and roads that were on the Federal-aid Primary System. For a more in depth look at the Federal Outdoor Advertising Control Program, take a look at the like below.
           Just like many other aspects of our federal government’s oversights, the specific regulations towards Outdoor Advertising vary from state to state. To get an idea of some of the various aspects that the states monitor, we’ll take a closer look at our great state of Missouri’s regulations.

    Missouri State regulations on outdoor advertising


           The “Show-Me” state of Missouri surprisingly has very few regulations on outdoor advertising. However, here are a few guidelines that the Missouri Department of Transportation has come up with a few regulations to follow. Each location on Missouri highways needs approval by a right-of-way director. Unzoned commercial or industrial areas have designated sections under which regulations are stated. As far as spacing, each sign must be at least 2,000 feet away from an intersection along the interstate or highway, and cannot be located within 2,000 feet of a rest area, park, or scenic area. Signs facing the same direction of travel have be at least one mile apart. Size cannot exceed thirty-two feet in area. 

           No sign may display anything illegally by state and federal law and cannot interfere with the driver’s view in any way, shape, or form. With that being said, no signs with illumination in the form of flashing or moving lights are permitted. The commission determined what attractions or activities fall under the guidelines of being limited to public placed owned and operated by federal, state, or local government agencies. 

            If a privately owned activity or business is being advertised, they have to be specially approved by the commission to be nationally or regionally known and of outstanding interest to the traveling public. This approval process is done through petitioning the commission to approve your attraction or activity with a detailed description and written consent or approval by the federal, state, or local political entity that has legal authority over the activity or attraction. If everything is present in the application, the commission has the option of requesting a public hearing to aid them in making a decision in the approval of the signage. If the commission does not approve a sign, the owner of the structure will remove the advertising message within 30 days of the date of filing.

         Outdoor advertising is a huge industry and provides tons of outlets for companies to reach their consumers. According to a Universal McCann study on total spending, companies spend on average only 4.4% of their advertising budget on outdoor advertising, making it by far the cheapest form around. Billboards and other outdoor signage should also be utilized because they reach nearly every American.

           The plethora of outdoor media formats that can be utilized today gives advertisers endless possibilities towards reaching their consumers. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, outdoor media falls into four different categories:

    1. Billboards – standardized large format advertising displays intended for viewing from extended distances, generally more than 50 feet away.

           There are endless examples of good billboard advertisements, but below are some of our favorites.
    undefined · Badgerbillboard
    Breaking away from the basic bulletin style billboard are digital billboards, which have became very popular of late. Goodyear, AZ is just one of the many towns across the country enticed by the idea of ad revenue from them.
    People have even taken note to the idea that outdoor digital advertising might even be better for the environment.
         I think it’s safe to say that billboards are the first thing that one thinks of when they think of outdoor advertising. When we were researching, we found a great blog taking a look at some of the best outdoor campaigns and marketing ideas over the last 150 years. We thought this took a great look at the history of billboards.
    2. Street Furniture – advertising displays, many that provide amenity, positioned in close proximity to pedestrians and shoppers for eye-level viewing, or at curbside to influence vehicular traffic

    Street Furniture takes form in many different ways, from store front displays to park bench ads. Here’s a look at some examples that really raised the bar from their competitors.

    3. Transit – advertising displays affixed to moving vehicles or positioned in common areas of transit stations, terminals and airports.


           Today, there are many advertising agencies that specialized in bus advertising, including Blue Line Media (BLM). This agency offers local and national advertisements that produce high impressions at a low Cost Per Medium (CPM). Bus advertisements are a great medium to reach your target market because they present a 360 degree view of the ad and well as constant mobility, expanding the ad exposure. Here is a look at some of the great ads that BLM has created in the past.

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    Stories from the 2012 International AIDS Conference by reporters with the Black AIDS Institute's black media delegation.

    Storified by Sherri Williams · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:43:06

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  • 07/30/12--16:43: July 30, 2012
  • Storified by DPC · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:43:26

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  • 07/30/12--16:44: Olympic women road race
  • Storified by Lyne @podiuminsight · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:44:34

    From the media
    To industry
    To professional riders
    To teams. Trade team Specialized-lululemon had multiple riders in the race representing different countries such as Evelyn Stevens and Amber Neben for the USA, Clara Hughes for Canada and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg for Germany.
    Heartbreak for TEAM USA when their sprinter Shelley Olds flatted out of the decisive break
    To fans

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  • 07/30/12--16:45: Gespräch mit@Mtheyab1
  • Storified by ENG-M. theyab · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:45:47

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  • 07/30/12--16:46: Olympische Spelen dag 3
  • Olympische Spelen

    Storified by Jan Willem · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:46:28

    El comedor de la Villa es enorme!!! The dinner in the village is huge!!! #londres2012 #london2012 · Pau Gasol
    Caught coach K working on his yoga before practice! #dedication · Deron Williams
    @cp3 teaching assistant coach Chris Collins how to play HORSE. · Kevin Love
    I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth...but now I eat GOLD · Dwyane Wade
    "@DeronWilliams: First victory photo @jharden13 and @cp3" · James Harden
    Bus flow on way to game vs France @cp3 · LeBron James
    Sopar amb bones vistes! Cena con buenas vistas! Dinner with nice view! #London2012 · Marc Gasol
    @mindofai9 reading about himself again... · Kevin Love
    Really @savannahrb! Her beverage for the whole day. LOL · LeBron James
    Ya pasó LIT, ahora a entrenar pensando en FRA. Vamossss!! ~ On our way to practice to get ready 4 FRA. · Manu Ginobili
    Walking the streets of London · LeBron James
    9-7 Good Guys so far!!! #USA · Chris Paul

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    These photos were posted to Twitter under the Alberta storm hashtag of #abstorm.

    Storified by Calgary Herald · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:47:08

    RT @weathernetwork: RT @violentshadows: @weathernetwork clouds around Penhold area. #abstorm · Iain Richardson
    RT @guidemd: @joshclassen - W from QE2 now at Olds exit #yegwx #abstorm · Samala
    RT @violentshadows: @Seaweed_tweets also this!! #abstorm · Donna
    "@prairiestorm71: @StormhunterTWN just outside of Olds take cover #abstorm" I see a face in the clouds. Cool. · Wanita Johnson
    Scary looking sky over #Olds, AB. Tornado warning now in place for that area. #abstorm ... · Lyndsay Morrison
    This was taken at 5:15 p.m. while I waited for a train in Blackfalds #abstorm · Cindy C.
    RT @poundlounge: @weathernetwork view of #ABStorm from #Carstairs. Cold front has arrived · The Weather Network
    This was taken as I left work at 5:01 p.m. #abstorm · Cindy C.
    Cell east of bergen. #abstorm · Bill Jameson
    "@prairiestorm71: @StormhunterTWN just outside of Olds take cover #abstorm" I see a face in the clouds. Cool. · Wanita Johnson
    Scary looking sky over #Olds, AB. Tornado warning now in place for that area. #abstorm ... · Lyndsay Morrison

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    El triunfo del colombiano Óscar Figueroa en levantamiento de pesas movió las redes sociales, en donde todo el país sintió la medalla de plata obtenida por el antioqueño y la segunda para Colombia en los Juegos Olímpicos Londres 2012.

    Storified by · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:48:27

    Con estas fotos, los colombianos registraron los momentos previos al triunfo

    Así se levanta un sueño #vamosfigueroa #jjoo @elcolombiano · Morphart
    @elcolombiano · alex sierra maya

    Con la etiqueta #VamosFigueroa y más de cuatro mil 100 menciones, los colombianos expresaron su emoción por la victoria conseguida en Londres.

    Minutos despúes, los ojos del mundo se volcaron sobre el podio y nuevamente los twitteros compartieron las fotos de este momento.

    @elcolombiano los 3 medallistas del levantamiento de pesas de 62kg · alex sierra maya
    Ese es nuestro medallista olímpico Oscar Figueroa. ORGULLO PATRIO @elcolombiano @adrianmagnoli · José Fernando
    El colombiano levanta su medalla de plata. #VamosFigueroa · Juliana Díaz

    Diferentes personalidades del país y el deporte felicitaron al antioqueño por la medalla conseguida.

    El mismo Figueroa anunció en su cuenta de Twitter la emoción de este triunfo.

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    KING 5 reporter Chris Daniels tweets from the July 30 King County Council hearing on the proposed sports arena in Seattle's SODO.

    Storified by Russ Walker · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:49:14

    Full house for full King County council vote on #SeattleArena · Chris Daniels
    If you're pro arena you'll like this shirt. Waiting for public meeting to start @KCcouncil · Gary Burckhardt
    Pro arena fans wearing Sonics gear are filing in early for the 130p public hearing today @KCCouncil · Gary Burckhardt

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    Week 1 of the TV Critics Association summer gatherings is somehow behind us. Today, the CW and Showtime trotted out their stars and shows for the fall, including a liberal Green Arrow, a beefy Beast, a terminal season for The Big C and a Bones creator turning to crime.

    Storified by Deadline.Com · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:49:19

    The CW shows its shows

    Showtime shows its shows

    Other TV News

    Olympics broadcasts


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    Une société française dépose le logo et la devise des Anonymous

    Storified by Moist · Mon, Jul 30 2012 16:51:38

    Story débutée le 30 juillet 2012
    "Reste à savoir aussi quelle sera la réaction des Anonymous, qui ont toujours veillé à sauvegarder leur indépendance et la non-marchandisation de leur mouvement..."

    "L’agence web devrait-elle s’inquiéter pour cette utilisation des emblèmes de l’organisation nébuleuse ?"
    "Très sourcilleux à l'égard de leur réputation, les membres d'Anonymous risquent de ne pas apprécier l'initiative d'une agence web française qui a déposé à l'INPI deux demandes pour obtenir des droits sur l'emblème d'Anonymous et sa devise."
    "A en croire les produits qu'elle commercialise sur le net, Early Flicker est spécialisée dans la confection de tee-shirts imprimés. Cette même société, sous le nom d'«eflicker» semble également être une agence de développement web, qui propose ses services dans le domaine de création de sites ou de marketing sur Internet... Les deux entités sont domiciliées à la même adresse, 27 rue Jean Giraudoux dans le XVIe arrondissement de Paris. Sur les annuaires de sociétés, «eflicker» est bien un des noms commerciaux d'Early Flicker.  
    "Que risque Early Flicker ? 

    Juridiquement, rien, puisque l'Inpi a accepté leurs demandes de dépôt. Mais la colère des internautes pourrait s'abattre sur le site et les activités d'Early Flicker. Très soucieux de leur indépendance et de leur image, des membres du mouvement Anonymous pourraient bien chercher à se venger. Le site numerama rappelle d'ailleurs une expérience précédente : en début d'année, la société française Everlife avait tenté de commercialiser deux tee-shirts inspirés d'Anonymous. Mais «sous la pression d'internautes se revendiquant de la mouvance, brandissant la menace de lancer des attaques DDOS, la société a préféré faire machine arrière en retirant les produits incriminés» écrit le site. 

    Comment les membres d'Anonymous réagiront-ils cette fois ? Ce lundi, à 18 heures, le site était toujours en état de marche" , Leparisien.  "... nous prônons une transparence totale vis à vis de nos clients pour développer une relation de confiance", eflicker.

    Transparence ? Espérons, pour eux, qu'ils aient de bons Firewalls quand même !
    Compte tenu de la nature de la société, il y a gros à parier que les stratèges en communication ont pensé qu'un Buzz allait assurer la promotion de l'entreprise.

    Wait and see...

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