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  • 05/17/18--06:02: NAAR
  • Revue de presse du projet NAAR

    Storified by mosqa · Thu, May 17 2018 13:02:49

    L’envolée de la trap marocaine · Radio Nova

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    Le Conseildes droits de l’homme des Nations unies a accepté le 24 mars à l’unanimité lareconduction du mandat de Rapporteur spécial sur la promotion et la protectionde la liberté d'expression et d’opinion. Un vote sans vagues mais qui revêt uneimportance symbolique forte à l’heure où la Turquie choisi la répression à laliberté de ton.

    Storified by lorrainefa · Thu, May 17 2018 13:25:05

    « La résolution est acceptée par consensus ». Ce sont par ces mots que la résolution sur la liberté d’opinion et d’expression a été adoptée lors du 34e Conseil des droits de l’homme (CDH) à Genève. Le mandat du Rapporteur spécial actuel, David Kaye, a ainsi été prolongé pour une durée de trois ans. Fait intéressant, ce sont les Etats-Unis qui ont déposé cette résolution. Ceux-làmêmes qui font tant jaser cette année dans les couloirs du Palais des Nations: Donald Trump retirera-t-il les Etats-Unis du Conseil des droits de l’homme comme George W.Bush l’avait fait ? Ou réduira-t-il les fonds alloués à l’ONU?
    Un droit jugé« crucial »

    Rien de surprenant toutefois au fait que les Etats-Unis soient le sponsor principal de cette résolution. La liberté d’expression estardemment défendue par le Premier Amendement de la Constitution américaine etle pays souhaite en être l’ambassadeur. La représentante permanente del’Allemagne pour les Nations unies, qui parlait vendredi 24 mars au nom del’Union européenne, Antje Leenderste, a elle décrit le mandat du David Kaye commeétant « l’un des plus importants », afin d’assurer « un droit crucialpour une démocratie saine ». Plus de soixante pays étaient cosignataires(membres ou non du Conseil) de la résolution américaine.

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    Storified by Advance Tree Pros · Thu, May 17 2018 13:44:25

    If you have trees in your yard, it is very important to have them maintained by a professional tree service company. Some people feel that they do not have to worry about their trees but this cannot be further from the truth. If you do not take care of your trees, they can become diseased, infested with insects, and covered in ivy which can lead them to go into distress and die. If this were to happen, the tree can lose its branches or fall down resulting in bodily injury or property damage.

    There are a couple of ways to take care of the trees in your yard. First, you can do your homework and learn what to do to keep your trees healthy, or you can hire a professional tree service company to assess and take care of them.

    If you do not have any type of green thumb then it may be in your best interest to leave the tree care to the professionals as you may inadvertently do more damage than good. Click here to learn how a tree company can take care of your trees.

    When it comes to professional tree service companies there are a lot of them out there. Every time you turn around, you probably see an advertisement for tree service or a tree company truck in your neighborhood. You can take the easy way out and randomly choose a company, but this would not be in your best interest because you may not be happy with who you choose. The best way to find a good company would be to take the time to do your homework to ensure you choose a reputable company who knows what they are doing.

    To help you with this process there are a couple of key things to be on the lookout for. First, you should only consider a company who has a certified ISA arborist on staff as they are the best of the best and will be able to identify and make recommendations for the trees best care.

    The next thing to look for would be that they have an experienced crew to implement the recommendation provided by the arborist. If they do not have this, then a lot of problems can arise from mistakes being taken.

    Finally, you need to look at their customer feedback as this will provide you with critical data on how they treat their customers and take care of the trees. If they have negative feedback then this should be your red flag to stay away from them.

    After you have done this, you should be able to find the perfect tree service company to help keep the trees in your yard healthy.

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  • 05/17/18--06:56: POL Twitter Mentions
  • Storified by Mary Dunnie · Thu, May 17 2018 13:56:05

    It is difficult to use password managers with your online print portal because paste is disabled. Can you put in a feature request for the developers to turn this off? It doesn't enhance security at all, in fact it negatively impacts security. Thanks! @FedExOffice @FedExHelp · Allen Ginesgo
    Hey @FedEx why when I need tech support about this web page and I call the number listed does the team tell me I need to call support for "Fedex office not Fedex" the address is · Allison lynn
    @FedExOffice tried multiple times and different browsers to print and after i enter credit card system. do you have a solution here? · AROD
    When the @FedExOffice live chat suggests I try YET ANOTHER browser to make their website work... · TheBryanRose
    Dear @FedExOffice - FINALLY!!! FINALLY! Your updated online print site is like a dream come true! It is a good day, indeed. · Jillian
    Trying to get a poster printed by FedEx in the USA is a nightmare. "INVALID PHONE NUMBER" messages 1000 times - It's not invalid, it's just a UK number! Prices given are for A0, but no A0 option on the site. No email addresses to contact anyone. Aaaaarrrggghhhh! · Maria Gallagher #FBPE
    Printing via @FedExOffice online is so painful. Can't use @1passwor, either. · 𝕽𝖔𝖇𝖇𝖞 𝕽𝖚𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖑𝖑 🐘

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  • 05/17/18--08:56: Represión en la sexta
  • Storified by FCPolit UNR · Thu, May 17 2018 15:56:33

    Reunión especial en el Concejo Municipal para trabajar sobre el proyecto de urbanización del barrio República de la Sexta. Repudiamos la represión policial del día de ayer. Necesitamos ampliar las organizaciones y vecinxs que participen de la propuesta para su barrio #Rosario · Norma Lopez
    #Ciudad | República de la Sexta: represión y balas de goma en violentos desalojos · Diario Conclusión
    Fuerzas de seguridad mediante un aviso de @maxipullaro desembarcaron en el Barrio Rep. De la Sexta con intenciones de desalojar a los vecinos. Responzabilizamos y pedimos explicaciones al ministrio y al Rector de la @UNRoficial @hectorfloriani por la represión y los heridos · Blas
    Represión en #Rosario a familias que resisten el desalojo de sus viviendas. #UNR · La Izquierda Diario
    Estamos en La Sexta con los vecinos para que se respeten todas las realidades del barrio en el proyecto de urbanización, para que las respuestas lleguen con diálogo y para que no se solucionen los conflictos con violencia. Repudio total a la represión. · Eduardo Trasante
    Estamos en La Sexta con los vecinos para que se respeten todas las realidades del barrio en el proyecto de urbanización, para que las respuestas lleguen con diálogo y para que no se solucionen los conflictos con violencia. Repudio total a la represión. · Eduardo Trasante
    Ahora brutal represión a vecinos del barrio la sexta en Rosario #Macrisis · diego ciafardini
    Denunciamos la represion en La Sexta por la Policía del PS (Video completo @ceprodh · Celina Tidoni
    Represión en Rosario Vecinos y vecinas del barrio La Sexta en Rosario, nos encontramos ahora resistiendo el brutal desalojo de Infantería. Quieren entregar nuestro barrio histórico para dar lugar a negocios inmobiliarios. · RubenEdgardoSánchez
    No a la represion en La Sexta. Hirieron con balas de goma. El PS quiere desalojar a las familias que residen aqui · Celina Tidoni

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  • 05/17/18--09:09: May timetable feedback
  • Storified by SE_TwitterTeam · Thu, May 17 2018 16:10:42

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    Find out why moms intensely crave a Cute Baby Blue 3D Floral Chiffon and Mesh Flower Baby Girl Dresses

    Storified by duddamattoso · Thu, May 17 2018 17:06:11

    Of the many designers out there today Ana Giovanna baby outfits are one of the most household names you will find. A gigantic range of men and women apparel, women formal wear and kids clothing are available with us. These baby outfits are made of high quality cotton and can be worn for a long time. Choose from an array of baby clothing that provides fashion and comfort. Kids clothes is all encompassing and they just released some new stuff.
    These baby dresses are great for weddings, baptism, formal parties, or any special event. Look at these two baby outfits are so cute, you just feel like dressing up a baby. Kids outfits may not be specially expensive, nevertheless they might immediately increase when contemplating all the sorts of clothes these people need, just like tops, pants, socks, underwear, sleepwear, etc. I wanted special baby dresses for my daughters that had a story attached to them so I could save them in the hopes that they could hand them down to their daughters.
    O VESTIDO DA JOANA! · Thalita Cruz
    The range of cool baby clothing is varied, there is so a lot to pick from, parents or whoever, can pick cool baby clothing from department stores or they can shop at the baby boutiques. The flower baby dresses probably the best piece of baby clothing that any parents can have. These multi wear kids dresses are designed with latest fashion in the industry. Personalized baby clothing is a great gift idea for any new parent and baby, as it is an important aspect of every new baby's needs and will turn into a cute keepsake for years to come.
    Or you can switch to a source like YouTube and include videos in your story, like this:

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  • 05/17/18--10:22: EAD
  • Ensino à distancia

    Storified by Silvia Helena Santos · Thu, May 17 2018 17:22:13

    Seguradora investe anualmente R$ 100 milhões em tecnologia para ... ·

    Um convite à uma viagem no tempo com Lucy

    Lucy (brain control up to 99%) · livestrong 01

    Uma reflexão... De onde saímos, por onde passamos e onde chegamos.

    EAD: o que é?

    A democratização do ensino: Uma escola para todos e para cada um!

    EAD: Democratização do Ensino: DEMOCRATIZAÇÃO DO ENSINO E ... ·

    O que é a BNCC e seus reflexos na educação.

    Confetam participa de audiência pública sobre a Base Nacional ... ·
    Katy Perry - Firework (legendado - tradução).flv · Leonardo Alves

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  • 05/17/18--10:33: Handee Restaurant Ranchi
  • Must Visit Place

    Storified by nehanj · Thu, May 17 2018 17:34:24

    We suggest you to visit Ranchi - One of the best restaurant in ranchi.
    Once you visit the place you will definitely love it.

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  • 05/17/18--11:24: #DesigualdadesColmex
  • Repositorio de contenidos sobre la Red de Estudios sobre Desigualdades de El Colegio de México

    Storified by Red Desigualdades · Thu, May 17 2018 18:24:23

    Presentación del Seminario Permanente de Desigualdad Socioeconómica (@sedes_colmex) por @psolisaqui #DesigualdadesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    #Artículo "Los grandes problemas de México. Desigualdad social” Leer aquí: #DesigualdadesColmex @sedes_colmex · Red Desigualdades
    #Artículo "Desigualdad Extrema en México" por @esquivelgerardo Leer aquí: #DesigualdadesColmex @sedes_colmex · Red Desigualdades
    Conversaciones sobre trabajo y desigualdades con la Dra. Marianne Braig: #DesigualdadesColmex @TraDesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    #NotaDeInvestigación "La persistencia y la reconstitución de las desigualdades sociales": #DesigualdadesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    Conversaciones sobre trabajo Migrantes retornados a México con Jacqueline Hagan: #DesigualdadesColmex @TraDesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    #RecomendaciónEditorial “La migración mexicana y el mercado de trabajo estadounidense”: #DesigualdadesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    “Migración, género y desigualdad” con Katharine Donato y Marcela Cerrutti: #DesigualdadesColmex @SeminarioMigdep · Red Desigualdades
    #LibrosColmex “Conocimiento de la pobreza desde un enfoque de género” por Ana María Tepichin #DesigualdadesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    “Hay una desigualdad muy fuerte” Conversaciones sobre trabajo con Edith Pacheco: #DesigualdadesColmex @TraDesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    Revisa #ApuntesParaLaEquidad: 'El futuro del trabajo automotriz en México'. DESCARGA: #DesigualdadesColmex · TraDes
    #Artículo “Tres ejes de análisis en la incorporación de la perspectiva de género” Leer aquí: #DesigualdadesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    "Política migratoria estadounidense en perspectiva histórica" con Mae Ngai: #DesigualdadesColmex @SeminarioMigdep · Red Desigualdades
    #Artículo "Trayectorias migratorias y su interacción con los procesos educativos” Leer aquí: #DesigualdadesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    Conoce sobre @TraDesColmex, el "#Seminario sobre Trabajo y Desigualdades" por Landy Sánchez: #DesigualdadesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    #LibrosColmex "Seguro popular y federalismo en México. Un análisis de política pública" #DesigualdadesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    #Artículo "¿Viviendo cada vez más separados?" por Landy Sánchez Leer aquí: #DesigualdadesColmex @TraDesColmex · Red Desigualdades
    “Vidas fronterizas y desigualdad en Tijuana” con Sergio Chávez y @cmasfl: #DesigualdadesColmex @SeminarioMigdep · Red Desigualdades

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  • 05/17/18--11:48: DSCC Delivery
  • Storified by Carli · Thu, May 17 2018 18:48:15

    These progressives have a plan for Democrats who support Trump's Supreme Court pick · NowThis Politics
    The Democratic Party's 'Standard of Oppositional Purity' · WNYC
    LIVE: Progressives are pressuring the DSCC to use its influence to help stop Gorsuch! Delivering more than 230,000 petition signatures demanding the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) defund Democrats who help confirm Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS. ·

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    Organized by Jackie Kingston and Judd Baker

    Storified by Judd N. Baker · Thu, May 17 2018 18:48:48

    Billy Ivy, Jr. of Amarillo is arrested on arson charges in June 2014, however, that was just the beginning of a complex murder for hire plot involving arson, weapons, and possibly murder.
    This is a timeline of the alleged charges, media coverage, and links to pertinent documents.
    KAMR Local 4 News' I-Team investigation is developing.
    This page will be updating.

    The People Allegedly Involved in This Case & Their Charges:

    Billy Ivy Card · juddbaker
    J Ivy Card · juddbaker
    Kimber Card · juddbaker
    Tyree Card · juddbaker
    Amber Card · juddbaker
    Patrick Card2 · juddbaker


    - May 2014

    Court documents show Joanie Ivy, Billy Glenn Ivy Jr.’s wife, admitted to having an affair with another man, soon to be the intended victim.
    Documents show conversations began to take place between Billy Ivy and Kimber Eisenhaur for someone to set fire to the intended victim’s residence on the 2700 block of Emily Place in Amarillo, Texas.
    At some point, according to court documents, Tyree Lamont Sanford and Eisenhaur were asked by Billy Ivy to burn the intended victim's semi-truck.

    - June 4, 2014

    The intended victim's truck is set on fire in Randall county, allegedly by both Eisenhaur and her husband. Eisenhaur admitted to this crime, and to driving her husband to Canyon to commit the crime, which she says he carried out.
    Tyree Lamont Sanford was later arrested and charged in this arson.

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    Now in it's 4th year, the annual science festival has grown to over 700 events coast to coast. Here's what happened right here at U of T:

    Storified by Gerstein Library UTL · Thu, May 17 2018 20:06:57

    1 week till Science Literacy Week at #UofT!Demos,displays, talks on #fakenews,science in a #posttruth era + more at #uoftlibraries #scilit17 · Gerstein Library UTL
    Look who dropped by to say hi to #Skully - it's #Science Literacy Week founder & #UofT alum Jesse Hildebrand! He also caught up on what #UofT libraries are planning for the week of Sept demos, displays, talks, and much more coming your way! #staytuned #Scienceliteracy #scilit #canadalovesscience #UTORLibs · Gerstein Library, U of T
    #scienceliteracyweek #scilit17 at Gerstein Library University of Toronto #humanlibrary · George H
    Come out to our 1st ever #HumanLibrary next Tues as part of @scilitweek events! #UofT PhD candidates @science.sam , Adiv Paradise, Kogulan Yoganathan. Meet & chat with these 'living books - you can 'borrow' them for 20 mins and hear their science stories on #astronomy, #stemcells, and #geneediting. Check link in bio for event details! Stay tuned - more info about Vol 2 of our Human Library (Fri Sept 22) to come! . . . . #moleculargenetics #neuroscience #astrophysics #geneticallymodifiedorganisms #gmos #science #scienceisfun #sciencestories #uoft #lifeatuoft #discoveruoft #scichat #uoftlibraries #scilit17 #toronto #torontoevents #yyz · Gerstein Library, U of T
    How can you read a human? If it's a 'living book' from our Human Library, @scilitweek edition, then on Fri Sept 22 (2-4pm) you can borrow and talk one-on-one with @uoft grad students and profs about the real deal with their research on the environment (w. #centreforenvironment's Dr. Brad Bass) and on gut health (w. PhD candidate & Elisabeth Foerster, Dept of Immunology & #SciChat member). Stay tuned for more fascinating #uoft 'books' to be announced soon! . . . . #scilit17 #scienceliteracy #scicomm #climatechange #environment #energyconsumption #sustainability #greenroofs #immunology #guthealth #probiotics #glutenfree #gluten #lifeatuoft #discoveruoft #uoftlibraries #itsfreeuoft #toronto #torontoevents #yyz · Gerstein Library, U of T
    Today (sep 19) 12pm Human Library with 'books' Adiv Paradise, Kogulan Yoganathan& @SamanthaZY @gersteinlibrary #SciCommTO #toronto #events #torontoevents #torontophoto #imagesoftoronto #hypetoronto #1loveto #Torontoclicks #narcitytoronto #toptorontophoto #dailyhiveto #toronto_insta #exploreontario #scicomm #science #scienceinthe6ix #the6ix #yyz #tdot #torontoscience #SciLitweek #scilit17 #scienceliteracyweek · SciComm Toronto
    Ready to read a living book at today’s #humanlibrary?Meet @UofT ‘s @heysciencesam,Adiv Paradise & Kogulan Yoganathan?Lobby,12-2pm #scilit17 · Gerstein Library UTL
    Missed our 1st #HumanLibrary?Meet living books @UofT ‘s Brad Bass, Elisabeth Foerster & @uStMikes Jean-Olivier Richard.Sept 22,2-4 #scilit17 · Gerstein Library UTL
    Huge thx also 2 rockstar living books @heysciencesam , Adiv Paradise, & Kogulan Yoganathan 4 our 1st #HumanLibrary #uoft #uoftlibraries · Gerstein Library UTL
    Huge thanks to last week's second set of 'living books' and the fascinating tales you told! Great end to our roundup of @scilitweek events! [pictured, L-R: @uoftmedicine's PhD candidate Elisabeth Foerster, @ustmikes' Dr. Jean-Olivier Richard, #uoftenvironment's Dr. Brad Bass] . . . #humanlibrary #scienceisfun #livingbooks #immunology #guthealth #religionandscience #historyofscience #environmentalscience #greenroofs #itsfreeuoft #discoveruoft #lifeatuoft #uoft #uoftlibraries #scilit17 #scienceliteracyweek #scienceliteracy #scienceinthe6ix · Gerstein Library, U of T
    I'm at @GersteinLibrary as a Human Book for #scilitweek til 2pm! Come chat about stem cells with me♥️ [🎨: @jnslma,] · 🔬science.sam
    #uoft students 'browsing' our living books at our #humanlibrary - they're here till 4pm! #uoftlibraries #scilit17 · Gerstein Library UTL
    #uoft student chats gut health with living book Elisabeth - #humanlibrary on today till 4pm in our lobby! . . #guthealth #foodsensitivities #chrohnsdisease #immunology #uoft #uoftlibraries #eventsinthe6ix #torontoevents #toronto #scienceinthe6ix #scienceevents #humanlibrary #librariesofinstagram #scienceliteracy #scilit17 #scicomm #womeninstem · Gerstein Library, U of T

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  • 05/17/18--13:21: Fortress Tweetcap
  • A recap of tweets from Fortress and the executive team - May 17th, 2018

    Storified by >> · Thu, May 17 2018 20:22:49

    [NEWS] Our May e-newsletter is now available for subscribers! Sign-Up here to receive the latest news: #Toronto #RealEstate #Construction · Fortress Real Developments
    Condos in the 416 rose 3.8% year-over-year to reach an average selling price of $601,21; detached fell 14.3%, but averages remain over a million, at $1,354,719 · Empire Communities

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